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Meet our newest team member, Megan Cain

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Framework Architects is excited to welcome new designer, Megan Cain, to the team. She is currently sitting for her architecture exams after receiving her masters in architecture from Texas A&M University. We took this opportunity to discover more about what motivates and inspires our newest member of the Framework team!

Q: What led you to a career in architecture? What do you like about it?

A: I decided to be an architect at a young age. For a middle school career fair we were asked to select the career we wanted, research it, and present. During the process I discovered architecture.; it was the perfect mix of math and art. I also shadowed a local architecture firm in my hometown of La Crosse, Wisconsin, located on the Mississippi river central to the state, about an hour and a half from Madison and 2.5 hours from the twin cities. I’m happy to be in Texas because, well, La Crosse is COLD.

Q: What do you like to do when not at work?

A: I am very crafty and I like sewing. Recently, I found the “Fur Angel Blessing Blanketeeers” Group on Facebook. They make blankets for animals that are sick. Their mission statement is “When fur angels are in need, we make them prayer blankets to comfort and heal them. There is a prayer in every stitch and knot of our special blankets.” I’ve been having a blast making these blankets.

I also recently got married and my husband and I ski a lot. He is an electrical lineman for Oncor, Texas’ largest electric utility and because his job can be stressful, our downtime is important.

Q: What’s something someone would be surprised to learn about you?

A: I’m not a big chocolate person. In fact, I hate chocolate. However, I do love to bake, but because I’m not a big chocolate or sweets fan I often give away most of what I make. It keeps my friends, family, and coworkers very happy!

I am a big coffee enthusiast. And, being a coffee purist, I prefer mine straight, no cream, no sugar, just delicious coffee. I like the Black Rifle Coffee Company brand and Starbucks is always good, too.

Q: Why did you join Framework?

A: I worked with Marvin and Jeremy at my prior company and we hit it off immediately. They have so much knowledge but without the ego. They never made me feel bad or stupid asking a question and are always willing to brainstorm a solution to any problem. They care about the person rather than the money and are focused on putting relationships first – both internally and with clients. I love their mindset. I told them, if you guys ever start a firm, it’s going to be great. So, when I saw online that they were looking to hire someone, I was like, “When can I start?”

Q: What would you say your design philosophy is? What are you passion about?

A: It’s related to what I just mentioned and why I was drawn to working with Marvin and Jeremy. Many firms design to meet a budget. And, yes that is always a requirement. But I think that designing something that exceeds your clients’ needs and expectations should be priority one. Client service should be at the center of everything we do and here at Framework, it is.

I am so excited to be part of the Framework team. I have no doubt we’re going to do great work because we’re all passionate about helping our clients achieve success. If I can keep learning throughout my career, and working alongside Marvin and Jeremy, every day will be a blast!

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