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Framework Architect's first "year in review"

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

We've identified three foundational principles essential for success

We are approaching our one-year anniversary of when we established Framework Architects. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been a wild ride and while most people understand who we are and what we’ve set out to do, I find many remain curious about what types of projects we work on. We continue to specialize in commercial real estate, medical office, and retail/restaurant markets, but above this, our focus remains on serving great clients and nurturing long-term relationships.

I’m more certain now than ever that this relationship-driven approach has allowed us to work on a new and diverse list of projects, with clients that value our experience, leadership, and commitment to service (and the feeling is mutual). A few of our in-process projects are included below.


The City School project in Austin is an excellent example of successfully co-creating a unique space alongside a client because we’ve established a trusted relationship.

Early on, one thing Marvin and I both agreed on was how we wanted to approach our work. This wasn’t about starting our own business because we had selfish goals or had something to prove. Framework has always been about getting back to our love of the basics: relationships. We aim to do that by providing:

· Unrelenting service. Pick up the phone, listen, learn, lead. Always.

· Leadership. Innovate, leverage experience, and deliver.

· Relationships. Look beyond the project. Exceed expectations. Repeat.


This residential project in Texas is a great example how we use rendering software to communicate exterior design forms and materials with clients.

Using our values as a decision-making tool has opened the door for us to serve two new private education clients, design a new hill-country residence for a great family, test fit two urban mixed-use sites, and field measure a cattle arena for a growth-minded tech company who has future needs for an event center.

The emphasis on our firm values, and our collaborative spirit, has also allowed us to partner with other firms and individuals, to make sure we are bringing the right level of experience to each unique project. This list includes other architecture firms, interior designers, construction partners, consulting teams, and developers. It’s been an amazing experience working with these awesome collaborators.

The result? We’ve been able to work on some fun and impactful projects – Like the Helm Office Building Renovation, McKinney Residence, City School Austin, and many more. The work we do allows our clients to enrich their local communities in powerful ways. To find out more about how we’ve partnered with these clients, or about how we can help serve your project needs, please contact me or Marvin.

- Jeremy Koomler

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1 comentário

Steven McKinney
Steven McKinney
27 de jun. de 2022

Thanks for the great collaboration and excellent results Marvin and Jeremy. We have really enjoyed working with you and would recommend Framework to anyone looking for an amazing architectural firm. Thank you for all your help!

The McKinneys

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